Meet the Next Generation of DeFi - All in One Platform

Global DeFi is a community-led decentralized ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain that offers a wide range of DeFi solutions on a single platform.


Global DeFi is a community-led decentralized platform that blends the futuristic prospects of blockchain with a streamlined DeFi services to cater a trustworthy financial ecosystem to the masses.



NFT Farming





AI Trading Bot

AI Fraud Detection Platform

Pillars Of The GDeFi Ecosystem

GDeFi follows a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry from time to time and constantly upgrade its tools and modules towards growing the community and the native token.

Intuitive Protocol

Highest level of security and convenience.

Engaging Users

An interactive & ever evolving community.

Reward System

An ecosystem that facilitates overall growth.

Smart Contracts

A self-compliant and foolproof smart contract.

BUILT ON The Most Powerful Platform

GDEFI supports Smart Contracts based on Ethereum technology.

Since smart contracts are self complying, there is no room for price manipulation or faked trading volume through wash trading. Another factor that will add one more layer of confidentiality to your transactions is the complete anonymity we promise.

This robust system ensures the superiority of our platform.

Supported Wallet On GDEFI ECOSYSTEM

Users need to connect their digital crypto wallets to Uniswap protocol (and later GlobalSwap protocol) to use farming and staking services. GlobalSwap will support selected digital wallets that run on the Ethereum ecosystem, which can hold assets like Ether (ETH), ERC20 tokens, and collectibles/NFTs.

The Native wallet which is coming soon, will ensure ease & convenience.

Unique Features of GDeFi


GDeFi will use the sidechain mechanism to allow tokens and other digital assets from one blockchain to be securely utilized in a separate blockchain.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens)

The value of utility tokens is limited to the platform, and they do not represent an actual tangible asset. To solve this dilemma, GDeFi is introducing NFTs.

State channels

State Channels will open two-way pathways where users can make transactions directly to each other to ensure anonymous, faster, and cheaper transactions.

AI Fraud Detection Platform

We understand that security is key to the success of any venture, especially a Blockchain-based project like ours. As such, we hold the security of the platform and its users dear. This is why we have a dedicated AI fraud detection bot that will help prevent fraud on the GDEFI platform.

AI Trading Bot

As a one-stop shop for all DeFi use cases, GDeFi provides an AI trading bot that will assist seasoned traders and newbies with trade to ensure maximum profitability. The AI trading bot is automated software that helps you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time.

Governance Rewards

All $GDeFi hodlers, individuals, and community members who voted on any proposal and participated in the governance process are eligible for a payout under this category. It is a means to encourage community members to participate in the decision process.

Community Rewards

This incentive mechanism rewards members who contribute ideas, new concepts, features, identify a bug, build codes, Proof of Concepts (PoC), and anything that advances the GDeFi agenda with our utility Token – $GDEFI.

Users first

GDeFi works under the principle of participation, and users’ opinions matter. Their choices reflect the governance of the ecosystem and the value of the native token.

Transparency & Privacy

Transparency and privacy are at the core of GDeFi vision. As technologies evolve, users are offered new layers of sophistication with each passing day.

Accredited Auditing

In the age of rising crypto scams and hoaxes, our commitment, and all our protocols, smart contracts are subject to thorough scrutiny by an accredited auditing firm.

Verifiable by community

In addition to auditing, we also ensure enhanced security by making corresponding addresses public so that the GDeFi community can verify the authenticity.

Embrace the best, toss the rest.

GDeFi follows a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry and constantly upgrade its tools and modules in stimulating community & native token growth.


The GlobalSwap DEX will be a fork of Uniswap with innovative new features. Although fundamentally based on Uniswap, GlobalSwap development is in line with the GDeFi protocol, vigorous, and foolproof. GlobalSwap will be an answer to the many cancerous problems that have been plaguing the DeFi industry and especially DeFi exchanges since inception.


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